Terminal 3 (2017), 24 min. color
Counter-Conducts Project


In 2013, Brazil built the great building sites of the World Cup. In September of that year, 150 men were found working on a slavery basis in the construction of the terminal 3 of the International Airport of Guarulhos, the largest one of the country and the most buzzing one in Latin America.

The workers were submitted to slavery by the Brazilian multinational company OAS, engineering and infrastructure company located in more than 20 countries. This movie tells the life history of some of such workers. 

The movie is part of the Counter-Conducts Project, held by the
non-profit organization Escola da Cidade, and with resources derived from the indemnity for collective moral damages in the agreement executed in 2014 between the Labor Public Prosecution Services of the 2nd Region, the Regional Labor Court of the 2nd Region and the Company OAS.

Watch the full movie here

Directors: Marques Casara and Thomaz Pedro
Executive producer: Marques Casara
Script and interviews: Tulio Kruse
Photography: Thomaz Pedro
Additional Images: Caio Falcão and Tatiana Cardeal
Editing: Marcelo Vogelaar and Thomaz Pedro
Original soundtrack: Daniel Grajew

Josenildo Cruz Nunes
Christiane Nogueira
Jônatas dos Santos Andrade
Luciano dos Santos Aguiar
Marcelo Ferreira
Maria de Socorro Cruz
Reginaldo Viginio da Silva
Renato Bignami
Sandro Sebastião Oliveira

São Paulo, 2017

Counter-Conducts Curatorship/Project coordination:
Ana Carolina Tonetti
Ligia V. Nobre

Book Editors:
Ana Carolina Tonetti
Ligia V. Nobre
Gilberto Mariotti
Joana Barossi

Associação Escola da Cidade Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Technical Council