Counter-Conducts Project, 2016-2017

The Counter-Conducts Project, realized in 2016 and 2017, through the Escola da Cidade‘s Technical Council, was developed as a proposal of collective indirect reparations, and it has sought to respond to questions raised by the Terms of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC) through a number of political-pedagogical actions.

The project received public funding from the TAC between the public Ministry of Labor and the company found using a workforce in conditions analogous to slavery at the Terminal 3 construction site of Guarulhos International Airport, in 2013.

The fine paid by the construction company OAS, was utilized as damages paid to the workers involved and reverted to initiatives that had cultural and educational objectives, or which contributed to the improvement of labor conditions. Escola da Cidade, a non-profit organization recognized by the Ministry of Justice as an organization of Federal Public Utility (UPF), received part of these funds to develop a sweeping project that would question and impact the debate on large-scale infrastructure projects, migration and slave-labor conditions in the contemporary world.

The project constructed a network between universities, academic research, artists, lawyers and public participation, as well as manifold outcomes: public activities and interventions, seminars and workshops open to the public, publications, news reports, etc. And concluded with a transparent accounting process presented to and approved by auditors.  

The project public funding resulted in a widely accessible material, with a public destination and providing access free of charge, impacting and foregrounding the public debate around the theme. This condition permits the free download of the Counter-Conducts project book.

Download the book here.

Download the poster here.  

The project integrated the Brazilian Pavilion catalog at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale, and the book Critical Care, published by the MIT press.

Curatorship/Project coordination:
Ana Carolina Tonetti
Ligia V. Nobre

Book Editors:
Ana Carolina Tonetti
Ligia V. Nobre
Gilberto Mariotti
Joana Barossi

Associação Escola da Cidade Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Technical Council